Power: Humility – Toxicity

For me society is divided in two extremes. One says, ‘power matters.’ Other says, ‘experiences and skills matters.’

But I find first one is right, ‘power matters.’ Maybe I look improper to many, specially to monstrous elites, who are covering themselves in veil of ‘social goods’ and ‘infantilize masses’ from last 70 years on the name of secularism, socialism, democracy and now running an industry named as ‘social change’.

Here it’s been almost six years we are working Southern Bastar region of Central India. We have very rigorous engagements with operations and systems and residential schools. We personally more interested in classrooms, exploring pedagogical angles and moving existing curricular frameworks as a ‘teacher’. Without any exaggeration and self – glorification, I can say we are the one in this nation who understands very well schooling systems, classrooms, children, teacher and communities. Even more than “IAS” officers and special consultant of government. As well as, we have fair understanding of most pressing issue of this country, to what civilized society call ‘Naxalism’.

Despite, having all set of required skills, varied range of experiences, engagement with varying combination and effect on/f educational horizon, we are one of the most ignored, humiliated, marginalized set of people. Interestingly, this process of annihilation is being done by the set of people, who are enjoying all the privileges and accumulation on the name of ‘responsibility to greater good of society’.

It looks me very funny also, when people who enjoy luxury, on public resources, accuse me to be ‘corrupt’. I am a person, who don’t have enough money to buy a ticket for going to his home, even if my parents die… the people who are making us ‘culprit’ and ‘villain’, takes 15 leaves from there office without any prior information or plan, on monthly basis. For 15 days they are ‘Turk’.




गाँव में एक कहावत है, किसी की आह मत लो,

और ये आधुनिक लोकतंत्र, साम्यवाद, वाम, दक्षिण, हिंदी, हिन्दू, संस्कृति, सभ्यता सब का सब ‘लोग’ एवं उनके ‘लोक’ को कुचलकर बना है|

ये कितनी भी कोशिश कर लें, पर कभी सुकून से नहीं रह सकते|

चाहे मोदी भगाओ, राहुल लाओ, चाहे गोडसे को गरियाओ या नेहरु को पूजो कुछ नहीं होगा|

जे.एन.यू. से सेक्युलरिस्ट को हटाकर हिंदुवादियों को बिठाओ, तब भी कुछ नहीं होगा|

धर्मनिरपेक्षता तो नहीं हो सकती भारत में, पर आप जिस धर्म की बात कर रहे है उसके सापेक्ष भी नहीं है ये देश|

जिस धर्म के सापेक्ष ये देश था, वो न गीता में है, न कुरान में,

वो लोगो के जीवन में और उनके लोक में बसता था|

पर उसको आपने कुचल दिया, अब बहुत देर हो चुकी है|

जिन लाखों करोड़ो लोग को कुचलकर और उनके हजारों लोक को खत्म कर आपने ये राष्ट्र, भाषा और संविधान बनाया है, उसको ये आहे कभी सुकून से नहीं रहने देंगीं|

और इसी कुचलने की आवाज को नक्सलवाद जैसे नाम दिये जाते है…….